[0IP-13] List vGHST as a non-collateralizable asset


The protocol proposes to list vGHST as a non-collateralizable asset on 0VIX for lending and borrowing.

This comprises of the following vote:

  • Whether to list vGHST on 0VIX Protocol as a non-collateralizable asset, with 0% LTV


Aavegotchi’s special place in the Polygon NFT ecosystem is undeniable, being dubbed as the “Cryptopunks of Polygon” by @sandeepnailwal himself.

The GHST token is the backbone of the Aavegotchi Realm. GHST is an in-game asset, used in all operations in-game such as buying portals, wearable items, potions etc.

Once you deposit your GHST into the Gotchi Vault, everything else is handled automatically on-chain, in a way that ensures that no one can compromise your funds.

Listing vGHST increases traffic, usability and user base for both 0VIX and Gotchi Vault.

They have an active community knowledgeable in DeFi. Notably, the project benefits from the advisory support of Marc Zeller, a key figure at Aave and Polygon,

They have successfully utilized vGHST, a derivative of Aavegotchi’s GHST, and vGHST is now accepted as an asset in the QiDAO protocol.

Gotchi Vault created their own derivative of Qi (vQi) to fully participate in and leverage veTokenomics.


Aavegotchi is a state of the art DeFi/NFT/metaverse/play-to-earn project operating on the Polygon network. If you’re new to Aavegotchi, we highly recommend reading through the Introductory page on the Wiki. One of the most common comments when onboarding new users to the Aavegotchi universe is “there’s so much to do here, I don’t have time to actively manage all these assets.”

That’s where the Gotchi Vault comes in, which aims to be a fully decentralized, permissionless asset manager for the Aavegotchi ecosystem. With the Gotchi Vault, new and existing members of the Aavegotchi community can deposit their $GHST and Aavegotchis into a permissionless contract, where these assets can be securely managed, with the goal to optimize $GHST yield for all participants. You deposit your GHST into the contract and receive back a corresponding amount of vGHST, a receipt token that represents a share of all the GHST held by the contract.


The vGHST token contract (and all other contracts) can be seen here:


Quorum Standards

The options with the most votes will be adopted.

Voting period:

  • 3 days

Vote options:

Vote a) List vGHST on 0VIX, with 0% LTV.
  • Accept the proposal: Yes
  • Needs more discussion

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Aavegotchi is an OG NFT on Polygon & they have a functioning metaverse & a huge community. Will they be providing some kind of LM incentive?


I voted. Good to see these coming out regularly


aavegotchi seems doing great and receiving big support from polygon team too…


Done voting.

Exciting proposal! Listing vGHST on 0VIX as a non-collateralizable asset can boost both platforms’ traffic, usability, and user base. It’s great to see how projects leverage each other’s unique features to provide new opportunities for their users.


0VIX in touch with their team regarding this!


why list vGHST and not pure GHST?
vGHST seems to be a % of a pool controlled by 6-10 wallets, while GHST is the community built protocol


This legitimate concern has been left uncommented. :face_with_monocle:


Nice going guys. I like how ovix governance is going
Pretty smooth

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Good posting! alot of good info

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good post! thank you

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I feel like a lot of people are only going to get a few $MNT this airdrop is how the rich get richer. I think you should of had a metric for length of use and Zealy points and badges earned


nice one, very well laid down.