What is 0VIX Protocol?

0VIX is the first veTokenomics lending market with dynamic interest rates on Polygon.

0VIX is an open-source lending and borrowing protocol enhanced with veTokenomics. Our focus is providing stable and sustainable yields for Polygon users, through our native token $VIX. We aim to bring billions of dollars of liquidity to Polygon by providing the 3000+ app ecosystem with its first native money market.

0VIX is built by a team of 35+ professionals, spread across 3 continents, with deep crypto/DeFi expertise and with roots in banking, finance, tech as well as more than 10 years of experience in building multi-billion dollar tech companies such as N26, Consensys, Binance, Deutsche Bank and Sovryn.

0VIX provides multiple borrowing and lending markets for a variety of cryptocurrency assets. By depositing assets into the platform, users earn a variable interest rate on their deposited assets in addition to 0VIX tokens.

Why 0VIX?

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has grown substantially in the last few years. As most DeFi activity is currently conducted on Ethereum, the network has started to experience congestion problems that have resulted in high network fees. This has proven to be a significant barrier for both experienced and new users with smaller capital. 0VIX aims to alleviate these problems by providing a suite of DeFi products on a highly scalable and decentralized platform running on Polygon, a blockchain network which offers much lower network fees. Focusing on approachability, ease of use and low fees, 0VIX aims to democratize access to decentralized finance by providing users with straightforward permissionless lending and borrowing.

  1. Instantly supply or withdraw assets from a shared liquidity market
  2. Instantly borrow from any of the liquidity markets using the supplied assets’ value as collateral
  3. Have a transparent view of interest rates based on a given asset’s market supply and demand

For further information, check out our official documentation: https://docs.0vix.com/