[0IP-16] Deploying 0VIX on zkEVM Mainnet

do best for it. it will very importtan!

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That’s the normal business progress! You go for it team. Will rewards follow as well?

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best decision ever…first lending protocol on zkevm. hope many exciting things ahead

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I think this will benefit everything. Lets go!

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Voted yes cos it’s a very nice Idea.

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Outstaning Proposal! I really enjoyed reading about all the information

I think this will work out good!

excellent opportunité

Couldn’t agree more. I have high hopes for this project

I agree to 0VIX deployment on zkEVM.

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i agree too , for ovix deplyment on zkevm , very good think for ovix

i think oke best for this project

thats awesome, i cant wait anymore :kissing_heart: