0VIX Links & Docs

Website / App: http://www.0vix.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/0vixProtocol

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @OVIXProtocol

Discord: 0VIX

Introduction to 0VIX, Polygon’s Next Generation Money Market Protocol: Introducing 0VIX, Polygon’s Next Generation Money Market Protocol | by 0VIX | Medium

Gitbook: https://docs.0vix.com/

Apply to become an 0VIX Chad: https://forms.gle/bgBqf2hBnncufM8JA

Hi, Ive been waiting and enthusiastic about Ovix from the beginning. Is there a way for me to become an Ovix Chad? I only noticed the link today

Hi @Tiki666, yes! The program has been opened again very recently. Please join our Discord: 0VIX, and you will be able to find more info about the process in the #become-a-chad channel.