Official Proposal Template

This document exists to serve 0VIX’s Governance Process and acts as a suggested template to create Proposals for influencing change, issuing requests or performing upgrades to the 0VIX Protocol.

Protocol Summary: What is the core objective of the Proposal and what does it aim to achieve?

Motivation: Provide an in depth overview of the reason for issuing this Proposal and how implementing it will create value for 0VIX Protocol and its community. What problems or opportunities are being addressed?

Details: A well formulated explanation of the proposed idea or change, including a detailed description of the actual proposal. Include references to previous discussions or documentation relevant to the suggested change if applicable. State clear FOR and AGAINST positions and include a Poll if necessary.

Quorum standards: How would you like the voting process to work; normally “The options with the most votes will be adopted.” The protocol is currently in beta and therefore this voting platform is also part of the beta test and can be seen as part of the community being able to consult the protocol on what it feels is an important topic leading up to the launch.

Voting period: Normally, 2 days.

Vote options: State the exact options people will be able to vote on.

Milestones and Deliverables: How long will the implementation or change require to achieve completion? What will a successful implementation look like when it is achieved? Please provide a timeline of the most important milestones and deliverables.